Yamaha Band Instruments


Yamaha piccolos are a perfect choice for any performance
Durable design and an excellent tone make the YFL-221 the perfect entry level flute.
Numerous design improvements make this great clarinet even better!
This is a durable plastic oboe, designed with the beginning student in mind.
Alto Sax
The Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Saxophone is easy and comfortable to play for any level player.
Tenor Sax
A tenor sax that is easy and comfortable to play.
Professional style bell and bore size sime the YTR-2335 the ideal model for beginning students.

Durable, with a great sound and playing ease, the YSL-354 trombone is ideal for new musicians.

When it's time to step it up, it's time for Allegro.
Every day, your child is growing. Like clothes that become too small, eventually a beginning student model horn will start to hold them back. Yamaha offers the perfect line of instruments to keep pace with their musical growth...Allegro.
Offering many features of more advanced professional models, the Yamaha Allegro line of brass and woodwinds is the next logical step in your child's musical progression. High quality yet value-concious, these elegant instruments are backed by a full 7 year warranty and the legendary Yamaha name.

Recommended by band directors nationwide, these precision horns reflect Yamaha's commitment to the musical future of your child.

Step up the learning tempo. Step up to Allegro.

Allegro Instruments from Yamaha